The Seamless Look of Birdman

For a few weeks now I have been posting in tribute to the extended take, with many of the posts being about major Oscar contender Birdman.  This post continues that tradition with a video from Variety interviewing a colorist on the Birdman film.  The short video offers some insight into the level of detail that went into getting Birdman to look seamless with its extended takes.  Check it out below:

In Continuing Honor of the Long Take - FKA Twigs - 2 Weeks

The internet is atwitter with top 10 lists of great one shot pieces of cinema in anticipation for the upcoming Birdman.  So, today I have another piece of single take action by singer FKA Twigs.  It is a unique video featuring a slow zoom out similar to the opening shot of A Clockwork Orange.  Check it out below. 

Exclusive Clip from Birdman

Birdman is this year's Gravity.  A technical achievement that is sure to wow audiences while also winning awards during Oscar season.  Here is a clip showcasing the one take style that Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu uses throughout the film, much like Alfonso Cuaron did with the aforementioned Gravity.

Cool one-shot music video

I'm a big fan of long takes as seen in Alfonso Cuaron movies such as Children of Men and Gravity.  Rope, by Alfred Hitchcock and the upcoming Birdman directed by Alejandro Gonzaled Innaritu are entire films that are designed to look like one single take.  Here is a music video by Kiesza shot in the remarkable one-take style.

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